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What to do about software overwhelm?

Intuit reawakens with less is more mantra helping bookkeepers rediscover focus

Software overwhelm is making our industry sick, literally. That was the surprising challenge to the status quo from the re-energised software leader Intuit QuickBooks at the Australian Bookkeepers Network (ABN) event in Cairns earlier this October.

Leading up to a full house at the Pullman Cairns International, Intuit’s star marketing lead, Damien Greathead, issued bookkeepers a call to arms to disentangle themselves from all the apps or risk burnout.

“There’s a lot of distraction out there,” said Damien. “We don’t need to know seven or so different reporting or ledger apps to give clients a good service.

“With a more focused tech stack, the more bookkeepers can tune into what’s important to them and their own business. Now is the time to do that, after years of working tirelessly through the pandemic for other people’s businesses.”

ABN delegates welcomed Intuits fresh perspective on balance, which comes at a time of exponential growth in Australia’s fintech landscape.

ABN Director, Peter Thorp, reiterated the importance of taking stock in the wake of huge changes in the industry which has forced bookkeepers to adapt quickly.

“Around the theme of change and resilience, our event program welcomed leaders to discuss how we can foster sustainable innovation and growth on a personal and professional level,” said Peter.

Intuit has offered their hand to relieve the overwhelm by amping up their face-to-face and digital support offering. They have also bolstered the tools in the QuickBooks platform to support bookkeepers to manage their business as well as their clients. Books Review is just one example of bringing all the information into one place to review before lodging a client’s BAS.

‘It’s about making it simpler with a single source of truth,” said Damien. “We’ve brought big updates to market that deliver real efficiency gains especially when you use our platform end to end.”

“This helps accountants and bookkeepers achieve a more efficient workflow and improve transparency with better audit trails and collaboration tools.

“We couple this with support from real people who can help to not just talk tech. From a base of understanding what our clients see as their dream business, we can then help guide them on the tools they need to modernise their firm and make the pieces much easier to fit together,” said Damien.

In partnership with ABN, Intuit now welcomes ABN members to LEARN MORE about exclusive pricing and offers, and their whole of ecosystem solution.

11 Oct 2022
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