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About ABA

ABA is a recognised professional bookkeeping association for BAS agents by the Tax Practitioners Board.

About Us

Australian Bookkeepers Association (ABA) was incorporated with a broad set of objectives that are designed to advance the cause of the bookkeeping profession in Australia. ABA is a recognised professional bookkeeping association for BAS agents by the Tax Practitioners Board.

The Australian Bookkeepers Association difference:

ABA stands out from other bookkeeping associations in Australia for many reasons including:

  • ABA is governed by bookkeepers.
  • ABA is proudly 100% Australian.
  • ABA's governance structure allows for greater involvement from members.
  • ABA's membership is priced at only $77 per annum (or complimentary for members of ABN).
  • ABA is software-neutral, and does not accept financial support from software houses.

ABA would like to acknowledge Australian Bookkeepers Network (ABN) for fully funding its establishment.

Australian Bookkeepers Association

How we help members

  • Relevant Experience - Voting ABA members receive a reduction in the required hours of relevant experience when applying for or renewing a BAS agent registration with the Tax Practitioners Board (from 1400 to 1000 hours).
  • Representation - Representation in more arenas that affect you as a bookkeeper in Australia
  • Training & Learning - A strong focus on bookkeeping upskilling, training and education
  • Be Involved - The opportunity to become more involved in your profession
  • Your Say - Further opportunity to have your voice heard and ideas presented to the appropriate bodies, organisations and government departments
  • Information Flow - Better information flow from arenas in which ABA represents its members

Specifically ABA focuses on:

  • Representing the interests of the bookkeepers in all appropriate forums;
  • Complying with BAS agent association requirements as per TASA;
  • Training and learning about bookkeeping specifically in Australia;
  • Providing appropriate avenues for bookkeepers to air and exchange views;
  • Fostering stronger connections within the bookkeeping industry.

ABA is the top choice for your professional bookkeeping association in Australia. Learn more about the amazing benefits of join ABA here.

How ABA helps its members
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