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ABN is committed to providing professional development opportunities for bookkeepers.

Professional Development Strategies For Bookkeepers

Working as a registered Tax Agent or BAS agent can often be isolating without the assistance or support of their industry peers. As a member of the Australian Bookkeeping Network (ABN) you will have access to a community to continue your professional development as a bookkeeper in an enjoyable way.

ABN is committed to providing professional development opportunities for bookkeepers by allowing them to connect with each other, and stay ahead of industry developments.

Our Professional Development Activities for Bookkeepers

How many hours do I need of CPE or CPD as a Bookkeeper?

Over a 3 year period you will need to complete 90 hours of CPE with a minimum of 20 hours per annum. There are many type of CPE activities that you can undertake with ABN that are both productive and enjoyable including:

  • Coffee Clubs: Meet your peers, build relationships, create networks!
  • Bookkeeper Workshops and Seminars: Upgrade your knowledge and business skills
  • Annual Bookkeeping Conference: Discover, share & connect at the biggest event of it's kind

Attending our bookkeeping events and conferences provides you with an opportunity to accrue bookkeeping CPE points, while meeting other business owners and bookkeepers.

Joining an ABN Coffee Club alone can attribute 1.5 hours to your CPE requirements. Our Coffee Clubs are held regularly across Australia and provide all bookkeepers with an easy and enjoyable way to meet your bookkeeping CPD or CPE requirements. Keep up to date while meeting up with other bookkeeping professionals, networking and making friends.

Benefits of Joining the Australian Bookkeeping Network Events

Meet other bookkeepers in your local area Build professional networks and relationships Share in the skills and knowledge of experts and your peers Keep up-to-date with industry news
Accumulate CPE hours Stay in the know of industry happenings and ABN's products & services Learn key skills which impact you and your business directly Discover business insights relevant at any stage of the business cycle

Why is it important to have a Professional Development Plan as a Bookkeeper?

Within Australia tax regulations and standards are constantly changing to keep up with business models. Under the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 it is essential that upon registration with the Tax Practitioners Board you must undertake continuing professional education (CPE) and continuing professional development (CPD) as a bookkeeper.

To keep on top of you CPE we recommend the professional development plan template for Bookkeepers provided by the Tax Practitioners Board.

Click here to download the professional development plan template for Bookkeepers

Continuing professional education that meets the requirements of the Tax Practitioners Board is one of the conditions under the Code of Professional Conduct. As a certified bookkeeper, you must maintain a record of your CPE activities. This is required in case it’s requested by the Board when renewing your licence, or at any time throughout your registration period.

Gain Access to our Professional Bookkeeping and Accounting Network

ABN coffee clubs, workshops, seminars and annual conferences are available to both members and non-members. ABN keeps our members in the loop for upcoming events by way of email and website news updates.

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