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Bookkeeping Engagement Letter Template and Forms

Having your own bookkeeping business can be extremely rewarding. It is essential to make sure you have the correct systems set up to ensure efficiency in your bookkeeping business.

When you join Australian Bookkeepers Network (ABN), you will gain access to bookkeeping resources included in your membership. These resources include bookkeeping templates and forms that you will find extremely useful in running your business. Within your membership, you will receive access to the Bookkeepers Knowledge Base and Bookies Bulletin.

Bookkeeping Forms and Templates Available with your Australian Bookkeeping Network Membership:

Bookkeeping Engagement Letter Template: 

This is similar to a Bookkeeping Contract Template. Also known as a Bookkeeping Proposal Templates or Bookkeeping Agreement Letter, it is a Template that sets out the terms and conditions of service.

This template will outline what you are engaged to do as a Bookkeeper and includes:

  • Bookkeeping Quote Template: You may have a few package options available or perhaps each client has a specially crafted service just for them. Like most businesses these days, it is expected to see a written professional quote. We have done the legwork for you with professional, easy to use quoting templates.
  • Bookkeeping Contract Template: This bookkeeping contract sample is used between a client and a bookkeeper. It’s designed to outline the provided services for a one time or ongoing basis for the client to agree to. The bookkeeper will most likely have access to banking records, receipts, revenue details, credit card accounts and other financial information. A contract will outline the rights of both parties to agree to.

Bookkeeping Procedures Manuals:

Like any small business, bookkeeping requires the right knowledge and expertise to be successful. At ABN we have collated our years of experience to help you get started. You will gain access Bookkeeping business planning advice and procedure to save time and money from ‘learning on the job’. Check out the Pillars of Public Practice for all your procedure needs!

Bookkeeping Checklists:
ABN membership includes access to a database of bookkeeping checklists designed to help you track and manage essential bookkeeping tasks. We have a booking checklist to cover every aspect of the bookkeeping process, from meeting with a new client to reviewing accounts receivable and payable to year-end preparations. Whether you're an experienced bookkeeper or just starting out, our checklists can help you stay organised and ensure accuracy and compliance.

  • End Of Financial Year Checklist For Bookkeepers: As the financial year draws to a close, bookkeepers are essential in maintaining accurate financial records and compliance for businesses. To facilitate a smooth transition into the new fiscal year, a concise end-of-financial-year checklist is crucial. Key tasks include reconciling financial transactions, verifying business expenses, reviewing fixed assets, and finalising payroll reports and financial statements. By diligently completing this checklist, bookkeepers can set the stage for a successful financial year ahead.
  • Bookkeeping Onboarding Checklist: When taking on new clients for bookkeeping services, an effective onboarding process is vital to ensure a seamless and productive relationship. Our new bookkeeping client checklist includes essential steps, such as gathering client information and documentation, obtaining necessary authorisation to access financial accounts and setting clear timelines for reporting and deliverables. By following this bookkeeping client onboarding checklist template, you can build a strong foundation for successful collaboration with new clients.
  • Checklist For Starting A Bookkeeping Business: Embarking on the journey of starting a bookkeeping business requires careful planning and execution. This bookkeeping checklist covers essential steps to ensure a successful launch, such as developing a clear pricing and service model, acquiring bookkeeping software and tools, and building your professional brand.

Access To Industry Updates And Resources

There's a great amount of value in an Australian Bookkeeping Network’s membership for those located in Australia. Here is a preview of just two professional resources, exclusively available to members:

Bookies Bulletin

Bookies Bulletin is our membership newsletter featuring articles on major industry developments. Changes relating to the tax office or legislation affecting bookkeepers both locally and nationally.

This resource is a wealth of information and advice keeping readers thinking. You will always be at the forefront of current bookkeeping issues. Allowing you to be better equipped to manage and build your business.

  • Keep up-to-date with the bookkeeping industry issues that matter most
  • Business tips that will help you improve and grow your business such as accounting software improvements
  • Stay informed about ABN’s new developments

Bookkeepers Knowledge Base

Bookkeepers Knowledge Base is Australian Bookkeepers Network’s publication focusing on topics that matter to bookkeepers who face them day to day.

The BKB provides detailed explanations, case studies and pro-forma journal entries. These bookkeeping reports and accounting reports place an emphasis on GST tax codes and BAS treatments.

These publications are written specifically for bookkeepers and BAS agents. The feedback we receive is that this offers an invaluable tool to any to maintain and improve knowledge and skills.

  • A technical guide that can be referred to at any time
  • Continued Professional Education resource for you and/or your staff
  • Relevant information, written and tailored for bookkeepers
  • Reassurance whenever you need it

As a professional Australian bookkeeping association, it is important that we offer you access to some of the most useful resources. In addition to useful forms and template you will receive the following benefits of an ABN membership:

Australia’s most comprehensive Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance specially created for Bookkeepers

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ABN Coffee Clubs, Seminars and Conferences all to earn bookkeeping CPI points while meeting with like-minded people

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Get access to the technical support you need, have your bookkeeping questions answered through our online ABN Helpline

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