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ABN/ABA help BAS Agents meet new CPE rules

Reduce your required hours from 1,400 to 1,000 with your ABN Membership

The Australian Bookkeepers Network (ABN) has stepped in to help relieve the impost on bookkeepers from new Continuing Professional Education (CPE) rules for registered BAS Agents.

The new rules, which took effect this financial year, see all BAS Agents, required to increase their minimum continuing professional education over three years from 45 to 90 hours (minimum of 20 in any given year). Other changes to the new rules clarify what can and cannot be included in CPE and also carries a simplification in record keeping for members of a Recognised Professional Association.

ABN members set to benefit in wake of new BAS Agent rules

As part of ABN membership, the ABN community get access to CPE assistance through the Member Section of its website so you can:

  • Easily log, amend, and export CPE hours to meet requests from the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB)
  • Access a lot of bookkeeper-specific content to assist in meeting the new requirements:
    • Over 100 hours of free webinar content
    • A multitude of technical publications
    • Access to qualifications from our education partners
  • Access to discussion groups local Coffee Clubs and our Online Coffee Club

ABA membership also assists greatly with meeting new CPE obligations

BAS Agent members of ABA have been given a little more flexibility to keep track of their education hours by aligning their TPB CPE year with their association CPE year. ABA has been progressively rolling out a new Skills Assessment. It is an entirely voluntary initiative that may assist in highlighting any knowledge gaps so that you can more selectively target your CPE programs. ABA also releases other low-cost training options including videos and webinars from time to time.  

ABN supports changes that signal increased respect for BAS Agents

ABN Director, Peter Thorp, supports the more rigorous education requirements for BAS Agents which signal the maturation of the profession. The big caveat is that the increase in the number of CPE hours needs to go hand in hand with a widening of the definition of acceptable CPE just as the range of services now being offered by bookkeepers has also expanded.  

“These changes reflect significant recognition of our profession and its importance to the Australian economy, especially the small business sector,” said Peter.

“More rigorous CPE standards rising toward those expected of tax agents is an example of how much our profession has matured. Through this we build stronger awareness and trust in our quality of service,” Peter continued.

“BAS Agent registration has become the must-have endorsement for bookkeepers in public practice. Business owners use this to rely on more than ever with the increasing demand for compliance protection and skilled professionals in software and financial technology.

“ABN is pleased to lead this commitment to service quality. With gold-standard training and education, our members have an easier path to achieve this must-have qualification,” said Peter.

For more information on the BAS Agent changes, visit the Tax Practitioners Board Q&As. See here for more information about ABN membership.

11 Oct 2022
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