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ABN Keynote: Can we reframe our hardwiring to ease our resistance to change?

Our innate neuroprocessing can be blamed for our resistance to change, but a simple reframing of perspective can help, reveals Australian Bookkeepers Network (ABN) keynote speaker, Josie Thomson, at this October’s conference in Cairns.

Around the ABN event themes of change and resilience, in the wake of a hectic pandemic for the bookkeeping industry, multi-award-winning executive coach, Josie, offered a way through.

“We’re born with a mechanism that has us feeling threatened by change,” said Josie. “By recognising this, it gives us the ability to consciously shift our focus of attention away from the threat and towards what we really want.

“One way to do that is to stop looking at the change as happening to you, but instead, for you. This can open people to see the possibilities and replace resentment or resistance with a sense of empowerment.

“Change isn’t easy or comfortable, and sometimes it’s not something we choose, but it is the only space where we’ll grow.”

Josie continued to the packed house of 200+ ABN members with reflections on how our often-helpful focus on the future can sometimes be a curse when it comes to dealing with change. It was through Josie’s experience twice overcoming cancer, which informed her own research and this advice.

“Cancer forced me into a conscious state of being. I realised I do have authority on how I live my life and the choices I can make,” continued Josie. “At that point the decisions became clear because I was fighting for life rather than against death. However, it can be difficult to have that clarity every day.

“It’s helpful to recognise our brain very much lives in contemplating the future or reflecting on the past. The body lives in the present time and gives us instant feedback. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s because it’s not right. Learn to trust the wisdom of your body.”

As a calm descended on the room with Josie’s mindfulness exercises, many bookkeepers were given a chance to be proud of their achievements over the pandemic and left more open to see opportunities in the inevitable change ahead.

“It’s good to get in a space with like-minded people,” said Josie. “This can help us step into different perspectives with support and greater ease.

“Part of building resilience is not shutting down to opportunities to connect. This can lead to us to grow better, rather than bitter, and making more from change.”

For more insights and support from Josie Thomson, ABN members are welcome to enjoy Josie’s Calm Your Farm Mindfulness Meditation program and her poignant collection of inspirational advice in her Enliven U book.

11 Oct 2022
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