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New tech that spots errors & protects bookkeepers

Australian Bookkeepers Network's (ABN) research into the biggest worries of bookkeepers prompts the launch of new partnership with Aussie automated error-fixing tool XBert.

The partnership aims to address the ABN’s 2021 Benchmarking Report findings that the two biggest worries of bookkeepers is time management and securing timely and precise client data. This is made more significant as bookkeepers struggle to grow their business and oversee staff accuracy.

Australian audit and workflow management software, XBert, uses in-built AI technology that intuitively spots where improvements can be made to bookkeeping data and reduces manual tasks.

One of the oldest challenges solved

ABN Director, Peter Thorp, says the partnership helps solve one of oldest frustrations of bookkeepers and drive business growth for bookkeepers.

“It’s about time we solved this problem for bookkeepers who struggle to balance client books when they don’t always have the full picture or the information they receive isn’t right,” said Peter.

“This XBert partnership gives bookkeepers new hope they don’t have to waste countless hours checking and double checking all the numbers match up and can protect themselves from getting the blame when the numbers don’t.”

Growing a bookkeeping business now an easier option

“I expect XBert will also give bookkeepers more confidence to hand over their work to staff,” continued Peter. “We know many bookkeepers hold back from growing their business because training staff to a high standard is difficult.

“ABN bookkeepers can now access better discounts for themselves and their clients, which is significantly valuable for ongoing client relationships and will support them to win more business in the future,” said Peter.

Coding killer fixed that could have cost thousands

XBert Co-Founder Troy Brown says that even the best bookkeepers make mistakes and it’s the little things that can bring bookkeepers unstuck.

“We’ve found that up to 60% of all accounting files contain Australian Business Number and bookkeeping errors,” said Troy.

“For one user, in just one quarter, XBert flagged a $20,000 overpayment of GST. It was a simple coding error, not a mistake. They were able to rectify the issue quickly and seamlessly, before it became a bigger issue.

“XBert is a second pair of eyes, like a bookkeeping safety net and a backup for bookkeepers who want to protect the quality of their work,” said Troy.

For more about XBert and the discounts and benefits now available to ABN members, including 50% off user’s pricing for 6 months on monthly plans, visit the XBert member page on the ABN website, or

10 Jun 2022
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