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Bookkeeper Radio: EOY

A bookkeepers guide to a smooth transition

The end of financial year can be a real problem time for a bookkeeper. You've got pressure from clients and accountants who want financial statements and tax returns done ASAP. Clients add to that load by providing you information late and then the government expect even more blood with deadlines for STP finalisations, BAS, TPAR, Workers Comp, payroll tax and more!

Your hosts Kelvin and Peter are joined by a couple of expert bookkeepers who have seen and done it all! See how the experts do a John Farnham and “take the pressure down”. In this episode Joanne and Kerrie will walk us through those troublesome EOFY issues and share some useful tips re:

  • Planning your EOFY workload
  • EOFY processes, checklists & resourcing
  • Dealing with accountants
  • Available extensions
  • Stress relievers
  • Team management

We look at some of the issues triggered by the new financial year to be mindful of and we also highlight some useful ABN EOFY resources and more…

We've assembled our team of experts to help get you through this incredibly stressful time. Listen to their tips and advice as well as some practical examples of what they do with their businesses to get the best results!

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03 Jun 2022
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