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2017 Bookkeeping Business Benchmark Report

2017 Bookkeeping Business Benchmark Report

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The Bookkeeping Business Benchmark Report is the result of a nation-wide survey of bookkeepers undertaken every year. This is not just another charge rate report—the Bookkeeping Business Benchmark Report cuts to the very heart of the financial benchmarks and performance of a bookkeeping business. It specifically focuses on identifying a number of key performance indicators (KPI) that influence a bookkeeping business and its profits—KPIs that all owners and principals of a bookkeeping business should be striving to achieve.

There have been some interesting key findings identified from the 2017 data and the final report provides an in-depth look at each of these areas. In the meantime here are just a couple of outcomes to get you thinking about your bookkeeping business:

- Bookkeepers are hard at work diversifying their client service offerings.- 2017 saw a substantial rise in the percentage of respondents offering a greater variety of services to their clients.

- Charge rates are on the rise – Diversified services and rising costs during 2017 have resulted in bookkeepers lifting charge rates.

-Staff pay rises – The 2017 report identified the cost of a staff member rising with the average pay rate lifting across the board.

All of this and much more is covered in this comprehensive 45 paged. report.

This information is crucial to your business planning and is yet another way in which ABN helps you to build and grow your Bookkeeping Business.

All of this critical information is brought to you in a SPECIAL Benchmark Report package...


2017 Bookkeeping Business Benchmark Report -  offering in-depth profiling and financial data,as well as trend analysis and business tips

Bookkeeper's Financial Benchmarks Tool - Put your new knowledge to use! Enter your own data into ABN's Bookkeeper's Benchmarking Tool and easily compare your business against industry benchmarks. 

Bookkeeping with 2020s Vision video - Presented by ABN Director and Survey Author Kelvin Deer. Kelvin takes a look at what Bookkeeping will look like into 2020.

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