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Do you know what your CPE responsibilities are?

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Do you know what your CPE responsibilities are? 

If you are a member of ABA, and also a BAS Agent you have two different CPE requirements?  As an ABA member, you must undertake 15 structured hours of CPE every 12 months.  The definition of what CPE counts is any educational activity that maintains, develops or promotes your bookkeeping skills, knowledge or attributes. 

On the other hand, the TPB CPE requirement requires 45 hours over your three-year registration period, and you must complete a minimum of five hours each year.  No more than 25% of your CPE can be attained through technical reading.  The definition of what CPE counts is narrower than ABA CPE definition. TPB CPE must be relevant to the BAS Services you provide.   Both CPE requirements are separate, however the same CPE can count for both purposes if it meets both definitions.

And remember, maintain a CPE register!

For further information visit

TPB website

ABN CPE Register and Guide

01 Apr 2019
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