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Date: 25 Feb 2019
Category: ABN

Cyber Security Alert!

The Buzz

As you may have heard, earlier this month Australia’s major political parties were targeted during a cyber-attack on the Australian Parliament’s servers. The Federal Parliament's networks are among the most secure and most closely monitored in the nation. If these networks can be targeted and potentially breached by hackers, it speaks to the vulnerability of all organisations. A successful cyber-attack on your business, not only exposes your and clients' sensitive information, but the new Notifiable Data Breach regime in some cases requires all of your clients be notified should an attack be successful (see edition 3 of our Bookies Bulletin 2017). The OAIC advises that they have received 245 data breach notifications in the September 2018 Quarter affecting people’s personal information. This, of itself, can cause great reputational damage to your business in the eyes of those most important to it – your clients.

Certain apps, however, can greatly assist in cyber security. Join us on Wednesday 6 March for a special episode of Bookkeeper Radio where we explore some of these apps, among a broader discussion of how bookkeepers can maintain client relationships in the digital world.

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