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Bookkeeper Radio: Proof of Identity Rules Explained

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The TPB and the ATO have released their Proof Of Identity (POI) requirements. Both regulators have an interest in you dealing only with valid taxpayers. This involves proving the identity of the people you are dealing with. So there is a communal good to be served by adopting POI processes but there is also a practitioner and client inconvenience to be managed. Whenever you hold client identity documents there is always an element of risk. What is that risk and how do you mitigate it?

This episode looks at:

  • The new TPB/ATO POI rules (the who, how, what, when & where)
  • Managing POI risk
  • Minimising the inconvenience to you and your clients
  • Using smart technology in the POI process

We are also joined by Amreeta Abbott of Annature, an ISO certified technology company specialising in secure digital signature, identity verification and payment collection software. Annature have digital solutions that streamline the POI process and help minimise the risk of identity theft.

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05 Apr 2022
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