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Bookkeeper Radio: Navigating the Inflation Storm with Great KPIs

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In this current inflationary period, small businesses may be starting to struggle with rising costs and increasing interest rates on borrowings. Many business owners are being hit on all sides with interest rates increasing on borrowings, increase costs associated with delivering their goods and services and inflationary pressures on their cost of living.

As a bookkeeper, you are in a perfect position to raise with your clients the importance of monitoring the “vital signs” of the business and provide the business owner with a range of meaningful KPIs that could assist the business navigate the inflationary storm.

In this Episode of Bookkeeper Radio, we will be joined by KPI specialist David Cowling who will highlight for us:

  • The importance of KPI selection
  • Mistakes to watch out for when selecting KPIs
  • How to create a KPI culture in a small business
  • Choosing and tracking KPIs
  • How to monitor, report and communicate the KPIs

David will also walk us through a number of KPIs that he believes is vital for every business to be across and showcase a piece of software that will help easily track and communicate your chosen KPIs to your clients.

Join your Bookkeeper Radio Hosts, Kelvin and Peter along with special guest David Cowling for all the insights into KPI selection, monitoring and reporting for your business clients.

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17 Feb 2023
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