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Bookkeeper Radio: Extreme Focus on Super Guarantee

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The Auditor General’s Office has put focus on unpaid Super Guarantee in a recent report. It highlights the fact that the ATO have been gentle with SG recovery action through COVID, bushfire and flood events. Unpaid Super (the SG gap) has grown over the last 2 years but that is about to end. Ramped up audit activity combined with a penalty regime, that can only be described as extreme, have the potential to leave business very exposed. Use of super Clearing Houses adds an extra dimension to the risk being faced by employers. Get ahead of the curve to protect your clients.

This episode looks at:

  • Increased audit activity (areas to look out for)
  • The new penalty regime looming large
  • When Super Guarantee (SG) becomes a “not so” Super Guarantee Charge (SGC)
  • Steps you can take to protect your clients
  • Avoiding director personal liability for company SGC

We are also joined by our very own Superannuation expert Kellie Powell of ABN to talk all things SG and SGC. Kellie has worked extensively in the superannuation arena over many years and is a very qualified commentator on the new developments.

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10 May 2022
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