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Bookkeeper Radio: E-Invoicing

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Putting the E into Invoicing!

E-Invoicing is coming!! I get it: another change to get my head around; right? Let’s take the positive view on change; our industry is built on it. From the advent of GST through to the rapid evolution of software and government programs such as STP, our profession has been shaped by change. Importantly, a beneficial by-product of change is that bookkeepers have become increasingly indispensable to their clients. E-Invoicing is another piece of technological change that enhances our value to clients.

In this episode of Bookkeeper Radio, we take a bookkeeper centric look at what the impending E Invoicing rollout means for bookkeepers/BAS Agents and their clients. From a bookkeeper’s perspective we will look to answer the following questions:

  • How will E-Invoicing work?
  • What are the benefits of E-Invoicing to clients and bookkeepers?
  • How can a bookkeeper position E-Invoicing and best present it to clients?
  • What are the most common questions and misconceptions?

We've brought in some special guests who have walked the walk with E-Invoicing and they're ready to share their knowledge from a practical point of view. Simeon Duncan (Intuit QuickBooks) and Robin (Link 4) along with regular hosts Peter Thorp and Kelvin Deer unpack what the roll-out of E-Invoicing will mean for the bookkeeping community.

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26 Jul 2021
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