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Bookkeeper Radio: Building Client Relationships with Better CX

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Its all about the CX; the Customer Experience. When the customer experience is right your bookkeeping practice really starts to hum; clients are engaged with you, they are interested in their business, they buy more services from you and they refer. Importantly your work becomes more efficient, more profitable and more personally satisfying.

……………..and when the customer experience is not going so well?

  • Clients disengage with you
  • Your work dries up to a bare minimum – you become a grudge purchase
  • You field more whingeing and fee complaints
  • Clients leave

Discover the true value of good client relationships.

The customer experience (CX) is the critical driver in building relationships that stick. So how do we build and foster great client experiences? We could put our heads down and work really hard and do what we think is a great job, cross our fingers and hope the client is happy, or we could get a bit more deliberate in our approach to the Client Experience.

In this webinar, we speak with a specialist SX consultant Luke Davies from Customer Science and analyse the CX approach with two bookkeepers Fiona MacLean & Coralie Kemp from T3 Partners who have built an incredible business around a considered approach to CX. As a special BONUS ABN Members will have access to a Client Relationship Checklist courtesy of Customer Science!

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20 Apr 2023
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