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Inventory Management now in spotlight for bookkeepers with new ABN partnership

As bookkeepers search for ways to pivot into new revenue streams in the wake of technology innovation, Australian Bookkeepers Network's (ABN) new partnership with inventory technology advisory Cloudsolve presents an untapped market for growth.

ABN Director Peter Thorp says there is significant potential for the bookkeeper to specialise in this SME market, with cloud technology now overcoming the previously perceived difficulties in bookkeeping for these clients.

“There is some hesitancy to tap into this sector,” said Peter. “These businesses require more intensive bookkeeping support because they depend on real-time data to properly balance stock management and sales needs.”

“With cloud software now able to integrate instantly with bookkeeping work, regular bookkeeping check-ins are made easier,” said Peter. “This opens up doors for more bookkeepers to demonstrate their value to this huge market and tap into the pent-up demand for bookkeepers that do this well.”

Cloudsolve Director, Rhys Roberts, echoes that perspective and elaborates that for bookkeepers who help their inventory-based clients better navigate tech integration there’s a win-win for both.

“It’s amazing how few inventory-based SMEs know of the technology now available to them, let alone know how much of a difference it can make to their business,” said Rhys.

“Nowadays the progressive bookkeeper plays a strategic advisory role to help their clients make the most of new technology, knowing that this will lead to business growth and more work.

“They don’t have to go it alone though,” continued Rhys. “We understand that it’s difficult for bookkeepers and their clients to know what the best choice is for them, which is why I started Cloudsolve.

“A fast-moving consumer goods business needs a whole different approach to inventory management than say a wholesale manufacturing firm and it is costly and painful if you get it wrong.

“When bookkeepers’ reputations are on the line to advise their clients on what to do, it’s important they can get tailored information from independent experts who can explain things clearly.”

To support your clients who rely on e-commerce and inventory management, ABN encourages you to visit Cloudsolve.

15 Feb 2023
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