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An ABN membership is just $38.50 per month or $462 per annum, and is essential for all professional bookkeepers.

ABN Membership - Essential for All Professional Bookkeepers

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Membership is just $38.50 per month or $462.00 per annum.

There's a great amount of value in an ABN membership for bookkeepers and finance professionals in Australia. Here's a preview of just two of ABN's professional resources and publications for bookkeepers, which are exclusively available to members:

Bookies Bulletin is ABN's bookkeeping newsletter which features articles on major industry developments, business building tips, breaking changes in legislation and more!
Bookkeepers Knowledge Base is ABN's technical bookkeeping publication which focuses on the topics that matter most to bookkeepers. Click the button to view a recent digital edition.
Direct Debit Request Service Agreement

Once you have submitted the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement below, ABN will process your membership and notify you of your login details.

Please advise whether you would like your membership fee to be debited on a monthly or annual basis

Direct Debit Service Agreement

Our Commitment to You

The following outlines our service commitment to you, in respect of the Direct Debit Request (DDR) arrangements made between Australian Bookkeepers Network Pty Ltd and User ID 314011 and you. It sets out your rights, our commitment to you and your responsibilities to us together with where you should go for assistance.

Initial terms of the arrangement

We undertake to debit your nominated account each year for the annual membership fee, or if you have chosen to pay monthly, each month for 1/12th of the annual membership fee.

Drawing arrangements

  • Drawings under this Direct Debit Agreement will occur on the 1st business day of the month for membership fees.
  • Your Direct Debit Authority, once completed and submitted, acts as a Tax Invoice in the amount of $462 GST-inclusive in respect to your initial 12 month membership. Following this initial 12 month period, if you have chosen to pay your membership by monthly direct debit, your ongoing membership of $38.50 GST-inclusive per month becomes that of a progressive supply. No further Tax Invoices will be issued as each progressive supply is for an amount less than the Tax Invoice threshold of $82.50. Conversely, if you have chosen to pay your membership by annual direct debit, a Tax Invoice will be emailed to you the month before the direct debit is scheduled to be processed.
  • We will give you at least 14 days notice when changes to the initial terms of the arrangement are made. This notice will state any changes to the initial terms.

Your Rights

Changes to the arrangement

If you want to make changes to the drawing arrangements (such as deferring a drawing, altering the schedule, stopping an individual debit, or suspending or cancelling the agreement), please contact us on (07) 3290 4914. Please note, however, an ABN membership cannot be terminated within the first 12 months. Should you wish to cease your ABN membership after this time, you can do so by submitting an ABN Membership Cancellation form. This form must be submitted to us by the 21st day of the month in order for the next month's direct debit to not take place.

Enquiries and disputes

Direct all enquiries to us, rather than to your financial institution, at least 7 working days prior to the next scheduled drawing date. All personal customer information held by us will be kept confidential except that information provided to our financial institution to initiate the drawing to your nominated account. If you believe that a drawing has been initiated incorrectly, contact us on (07) 3290 4914. You will receive a refund of the drawing amount if we cannot substantiate the drawing.

Your Commitment to Us

It is your responsibility to ensure that:

  • your nominated account can accept direct debits;
  • that on the drawing date, there is sufficient cleared funds in the nominated account; and
  • that you advise us if the nominated account is transferred or closed.

If your nominated account is a credit card, we will contact you if the expiry date is approaching and seek from you the new expiry date.

If your drawing is returned or dishonoured by your financial institution, we will email you to advise of this. This email will also advise that we will attempt to re-draw approximately 4 days later. If our re-draw is also returned or dishonoured, we will contact you to discuss payment and reserve the right to impose a $16.50 administration fee.

Australian Bookkeepers Association (ABA) Membership

It's the association with you in mind, run BY Australian Bookkeepers FOR Australian Bookkeepers.

Australian Bookkeepers Association gives bookkeepers a voice, and presents their needs and concerns to the relevant government and industry forums. ABA stands for excellence, expertise and integrity in the profession of bookkeeping.

Congratulations on making the decision to join Australian Bookkeepers Association!

Congratulations, welcome to Australian Bookkeepers Network

Your membership login details have now been delivered to you via email. Click here to login. If you did not receive your login details contact ABN on 1300 856 710.

ABN Membership Benefits - Explore Our Bookkeeping Publications & Resources

Join ABN and you’ll experience a wealth of membership benefits like no other professional bookkeepers association in Australia! From our ABN Helpline (online live chat technical support) to our Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance (Australia’s most comprehensive PI insurance for bookkeepers) and ABN Coffee Clubs (earn bookkeeping CPI points while meeting up with like-minded accounting professionals), there are so many benefits to ABN Membership.

Another great reason to join ABN is the access to bookkeeping tools and resources that you’ll enjoy as an ABN member. These resources include bookkeeping forms checklists and templates (bookkeeping contract template, bookkeeping engagement letter template, bookkeeping quote template, onboarding checklist for new clients), bookkeeping record book and bookkeeping reports, bookkeeping agreement letter, bookkeeping business plan, bookkeeping procedures manual and bookkeeper contract sample.

You’ll also receive access to the Bookkeepers Knowledge Base (which provides the technical support you need), Bookies Bulletin (our monthly newsletter for bookkeeping industry news and issues that affect you), Bookkeeper Workshops & Seminars, Discussion Forum and more to support your professional development and help you grow your bookkeeping business.

You can explore all the products and services included in your ABN Membership here.