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Australian Payroll Association

Who is Australian Payroll Association?
The Australian Payroll Association (APA) has recently been listed on the BRW Fast Starters list and is the trusted advisor of many household names in Australian Business. They provide payroll compliance advice for employers and bookkeepers processing payroll.  APA also offers the only nationally accredited payroll qualifications in Australia - a Certificate IV in Payroll Administration and Diploma of Payroll Management.

Payroll non-compliance is a huge issue in Australia - it affects both small and large employers and attracts significant fines from Fair Work and other government bodies. Too often, organisations fail to realise that they are sitting on a mountain of value in their payroll operation. Most have not identified this value and don't leverage it to make informed business decisions and financially de-risk their business.

With payroll non-compliance a major issue for small to medium businesses, obtaining in-depth payroll knowledge will allow you to fill a void for your clients and open up a new and potentially lucrative revenue stream for your business.

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