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  • Vija

    ABN Ready Reckoner is Fantastic! I love that it has ATO links, reference to our known ABN Bookkeepers Knowledge Base articles and software relevant tax codes. What a great way to start 2012!

    Vija | ABN Member, Victoria
  • Heather

    Thank you for organising a great conference. I go to lots of conferences and this was probably the best ever.

    I think this is because I felt I was receiving information that could help me in my business, rather than having a whole lot of vendors selling to me.

    Thanks and Regards.

    Heather | ABN Member, Victoria
  • Sio-Ching

    Despite little sleep, very energised after the conference. Best value was from the attitude of the ABN staff and just rubbing shoulders with the sisters/brothers of the bookkeeping family. Thank you to every one of you. What fabulous people!

    Sio-Ching | ABN Member, Victoria
  • Kristi

    I finally got to sit down and read the latest BB 2012 Edition 1 this morning (without interruptions) and would like to say many thanks for this and all the other editions you all produce. I find them very informative and get a lot of valuable information from it. My growing To Do list keeps getting longer - but that is a good thing if it means improving my business and service.

    Kristi | ABN Member, Victoria
  • Maureen

    Love the website. Well done to the team. Terrific. Easy to use.

    Maureen | ABN Member, Victoria
  • Ann-Marie

    Thank you for a wonderful conference, the information I received was invaluable. It has re-invigorated my love for wanting to work on my business, rather than just trundle along. I have decided to set aside a specified time every week to enhance my business, whether that means sitting down and listing all the benefits I bring to my clients, through to web design (I have no web page), or creating better systems inhouse, or creating letters to current clients about price increases in the future.

    Ann-Marie | ABN Member, Victoria
  • Serina

    I would like to say thank you to ABN for organising such a great event. Such a great way to expand our knowledge and give us a shock as well. I'm very glad that the agenda was focused on Fairwork this year!!! This will definitely help us expand our knowledge and pass the compliance issues to our clients. Fixed billing was a great session as I will now definitely implement this!!!!

    Serina | ABN Member, Northern Territory
  • Linda

    I thoroughly enjoyed the ABN Workshop Roadshow! It’s given me the courage to push forward and fulfil my vision. My decision to become a self-employed bookkeeper was a sudden one, and have spent a year finding my feet. The information was overwhelming, exciting and music to my ears. This is the backup support and information I need, and I would like to utilise ABN as much as possible.

    Linda | ABN Member, South Australia
  • Carmen

    Just wanted to say what a lovely pack I received as Coffee Club Leader! I look forward to using them at my next meeting. Thank you so much for the way ABN looks after us!

    Carmen | Network Leader & ABN Member, New South Wales
  • Anne

    I attended the Roadshow (Worskshop) and found it very informative, especially as I am just beginning the process of implementing the Pure Bookkeeping system into our business. Thank you.

    Anne | ABN Member, South Australia
  • Deborah

    There was a great bunch of speakers and topics that were relevant to everyone, no matter whether you were new to bookkeeping or had been in the industry for many years.

    I’m still trying to work out which session was my favourite. Can’t go past Wayne Schmidt’s enthusiasm.

    It was also great to catch up with people I haven’t seen since the last conference.

    I’d like to give a big big thanks to all the ABN Team for putting together another outstanding conference.

    Deborah | ABN Member, Victoria
  • John

    Wow, there is sooo much stuff in the latest Bookies Bulletin. Thanks for doing these, I always make a point to read the Bulletin when it arrives. Found the article from the person who has been with ABN for 10 years interesting. I must be getting fairly close to that number of years myself now. Like Yvoone I have found ABN a MUST for part of my Bookeeping network needs.

    Every item ABN does and covers relates to Bookkeeping/ers needs. The Bookkeepers Knowledge Base should be compulsory for all Bookkeepers. Like Yvonne I strongly suggest anyone planning or already doing Bookkeeping should join ABN. Just thought this "silent" ABN member needed to speak out and thank everyone at ABN for a really great service you are providing.

    John | ABN Member, New South Wales
  • Toni

    Thanks very much for a fantastic conference, you all deserve a pat on the back for putting this together!

    Toni | ABN Member, Western Australia
  • Tanya

    I just wish to say thank you for your incredible support. The information I have been receiving is fantastic, relevant and helpful. My accountant asked me the other day why I needed to subscribe to other associations and ABN. Because I have only praise for your organisation - it took me about 20 minutes to answer that question.

    To be a member of such a great organisation as yours is the answer to my prayers!

    Tanya | ABN Member, New South Wales
  • Heather

    Love the GST / BAS ready reckoner, look forward to using it! It is going to make my life much easier.

    Heather | ABN Member, Adelaide
  • Louise

    Our Network Leader puts everyone at ease with his laid back manner and interest in the people who attend. He is always knowledgeable and approachable, and makes the meetings very enjoyable.

    Louise, ABN Coffee Club Attendee
  • Marg

    Hi Leanne and the team at ABN. Just like to pass on some great feedback to the Coffee Clubs held at Springwood by Fiona. They are so helpful, supportive and informative. Fiona does a great job of bringing up great relevant topics and encouraging all that attend to contribute and give some great information. Thanks to Fiona and all at ABN to providing a great service to what can be a bit of a lonesome but very fulfilling occupation.

    Marg | ABN Member, Queensland
  • Bernadette

    Coffee Clubs are MARVELOUS! They are always informative and it’s great to meet other bookkeepers in my area. I have made some long lasting friendships

    Bernadette, ABN Coffee Club Attendee
  • Lyn

    Thank you for a fantastic conference. Friendly, informative and professional. Well done.

    Lyn | Non-ABN Member, Australia
  • Sio-Ching

    The greatest value of ABN conferences is realising you are not alone, and that ABN is working in the background to make your life easier. It’s so empowering to know that through ABN and ABA we have a “voice” with the ATO.

    Every time I attend a conference, I hear worried bookkeepers ask questions about delinquent clients. It’s the usual story of bookkeepers caring more about their clients’ business or compliance than the clients care about themselves. It seems to me that one of the most valuable things ABN conferences can give to delegates is confidence. Belief in self. The ability to say “no” or “not good enough”.

    And oh, it’s nice just to sit with like-minded people!

    Sio-Ching | ABN Member, Victoria
  • Rebekah

    I know what I will be doing this weekend ! I am very excited about having ABN as a resource now - I have heard so many good things about the network and wanted to join for quite some time and now I am up and running and on the way.

    Rebekah | ABN Member, New South Wales
  • Carol

    I would like to provide you some feedback on the 2012 ABN Conference and a testimonial that you may use should you so wish! I am one of those people! I don’t hand over my very hard earned money unless I am absolutely sure there is some benefit besides being able to say ‘I hold a membership or association with this entity’. I have to be 110% convinced that there is a two way benefit. So, I went along to your conference wondering how much of a hard sell I was going to get to join without actually receiving any benefit. I had already skimmed your website thinking that your company was OK but wasn’t yet sold. Imagine my complete delight when there was NO SELL but one of the most beneficial – not to mention fun – conferences I had ever been to.

    Day one, Martin Grunstein set my mood for the rest of the conference, I was open and ready and excited. And the day just got better and better! I sat up talking to my husband until 2am (and yes, he was grumbling by then) about all of the fantastic information that had been relayed. This is why first thing on day 2 of the conference I put in my application for membership.

    I want to thank you, the ABN Team pulled me out of my comfortable but boring rut and gave me back the energy needed to move forward. It was a fabulously organised event that far exceeded my expectations and I would be very pleased to recommend membership to any bookkeeper.

    Carol | ABN Member, Victoria
  • Peter

    Bookkeeping can be quite lonely, so I enjoy having the opportunity to discuss issues with other bookkeepers and I always learn something new and useful from the meetings.

    Peter , ABN Coffee Club Attendee
  • Naima

    Dear ABN, I want to send you a quick note to let you know that my membership is very worthwhile! I utilise your website and resources frequently and since I am in the process of growing my business, the Pillars are extremely helpful.

    Naima | ABN Member, Queensland
  • Bob

    Thank you all so much for a great conference - great content, great speakers, great organisation.

    Bob | ABN Member, New South Wales
  • Lea

    ABN where do I start on how to thank you for this valuable insight into our industry! What would I do without you? This survey is a wonderful tool for any bookkeeper at any stage of their business. Thank you thank you thank you. I wish I had this information when I first started out!

    Lea | ABN Member, Queensland
  • Marian

    ABN Ready Reckoner - Excellent document – must commend you!

    Marian | ABN Member, Queensland

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