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SG & SGC Payments

SG & SGC Payments

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There is currently no better time to get a refresher of an employer’s Super Guarantee obligations and the Super Guarantee Charge obligations to help guide your clients. Why? The penalties the ATO are imposing in an audit situation under Part 7 of the act are extreme. Combine that with the ATO’s visibility over amounts due and dates paid, you can see there is potential for terrible results for employers who take their obligations lightly.

We've done a lot of the leg work for you and ALL our Members have access to the recording as well as a handy worked example. This webinar looks at the technical issues of:

  • The Key Dates
  • The SG Process and key concepts
  • The SGC Process and key concepts
  • Why dates are now more important than ever
  • Your role ensuring clients meet their obligations
  • Recent SGC audit experiences
  • The extreme penalties that can apply

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