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2020 Bookkeeping Business Financial Benchmark Report

2020 Bookkeeping Business Financial Benchmark Report

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The Bookkeeping Business Financial Benchmark Report, produced by Australian Bookkeepers Network, continues to set the standard for any bookkeeper wanting to know and understand some of the key drivers of the bookkeeping industry. The report has one key objective:

  1. To survey and collect core data around the financial aspects of bookkeeping businesses operating in Australia. This data is studied and analysed to identify financial performance trends for the bookkeeping community and stakeholders.

The report is unique in that it is the only survey of its kind in the Australian bookkeeping industry that we are aware of, with the specific objective to capture financial data in addition to the profiling data captured in other surveys. Australian Bookkeepers Network (ABN) is committed to the continual improvement and profitability of business owners in the bookkeeping industry and this report makes a contribution to that process.

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