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2016 Bookkeeping Business Benchmark Report

2016 Bookkeeping Business Benchmark Report

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What does a bookkeeper charge and how much can they earn?

What does a typical bookkeeping business look like?

What does my business fit into the current bookkeeping industry landscape?

These are all great questions. And whether you're new to bookkeeping or an experienced hand, at some point or another you'll find yourself asking these questions and others like them.

That's where this report can help you.

The Bookkeeping Business Benchmark Report is the result of a nation-wide survey of bookkeepers undertaken every year. The survey is unique in that it’s the only one in the Australian bookkeeping industry with the specific objective of capturing financial data in addition to profiling data.

What that means for you is...

…answers to all of the common financial questions about operating a bookkeeping business.

…a complete picture of the bookkeeping industry today.

…a tool for you to use to figure out where your business currently fits into the industry landscape.

So grab yourself a copy of the 2016 Bookkeeping Business Benchmark Report and get a clearer picture of your business and the industry as a whole.

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