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2015 Bookkeeping Business Benchmark Report *PACKAGE*

2015 Bookkeeping Business Benchmark Report *PACKAGE*

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Based on ABN's 2015 Bookkeeping Business Benchmark Report, the bookkeeping industry is on the cusp of change... 

Charge rates are rising, gross revenues are falling... 

Average number of clients is increasing, average hours charged is decreasing...

This year, for the first time, we bring you all of this critical information in a special Benchmark Report package...


Package inclusions

  • 2015 Bookkeeping Business Benchmark Report 
    Hot off the press, the 2015 report offers not only in-depth profiling and financial data, but also trend analysis and business tips.

  • 1 hour recorded webinar: 'The Future of Bookkeeping' (1 hour CPE)
    Join ABN Director and Benchmark Report Author Kelvin Deer as he discusses the findings of the report and the critical changes impacting the industry. Find out what the future of bookkeeping looks like, and gain key insights with which to shape the direction of your business. (Also includes a copy of the presentation slides.)

  • ABN's Bookkeeper's Benchmarking Tool
    Put your new knowledge to use! Enter your own data into ABN's Bookkeeper's Benchmarking Tool and easily compare your business against industry benchmarks.

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