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Payroll Software

Find out about what to look for in payroll software

Payroll software comes in a number of forms, from specialist or dedicated software to integrated modules of general accounting software. INTUIT, MYOB, Reckon, Sassu and Xero are some commonly used integrated payroll software systems for SMEs.

Excellent payroll software is essential to the payroll professional, and there are a number of imperatives you should seek from your chosen software. Your software must:

  • have a high degree of accuracy and precision, as payroll is not a hit-and-miss proposition
  • foster compliance with all applicable payroll legislation, including the Fair Work Act, taxation laws, superannuation and super stream laws, as well as any award obligations
  • operate efficiently to provide you with the necessary business efficiencies to run your payroll business profitably
  • offer a wide range of reporting options to cater for your payroll and HR reporting needs.

It is not the domain of ABN Payroll to make specific payroll software recommendations. It has been our experience in more recent times that no single software offering is the silver bullet for all payroll circumstances. A comprehensive needs analysis should be undertaken to derive a set of specifications you want in your software. Then you need to investigate the software options available and their ability to meet your specifications. 

Some of the specialist payroll software providers featured in the ABN Member Centre are to the right. More information on payroll software, together with some special offers from some of these payroll software suppliers, can be found within the ABN Member Centre.

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