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Payroll Learning

Find out about payroll courses, qualifications and publications in the ABN Payroll learning section

Learning is a vital part of working within any accounting-based discipline, and payroll is no different. In fact, the legislative landscape surrounding payroll probably changes more quickly than many other areas, and not being up-to-date can have dire consequences. That being the case, learning is particularly important for those involved in the payroll industry.

Essential parts of your commitment to learning include:

  • qualifications
  • courses & seminars
  • books, newsletters & publications.


Formal qualifications are a solid base from which to build your learning. Nationally recognised payroll qualifications under the Australian Qualifications Framework (

  • FNS50417 Diploma of Payroll Services
  • FNSSS00012 Payroll Administrator Skill Set

FNSTPB402 Establish and maintain payroll systems
 is a unit of competency under the financial services training package. It is required to be completed by all BAS agents seeking registration or renewal of registration after 28 February 2012. If you are a BAS agent and have not completed this unit of competency, we suggest you seek out a qualified provider. This unit of competency is included in many finance-based certificate IV qualifications. 

Courses & Seminars
Courses that promote increased payroll learning are delivered by many providers, including industry bodies in the accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll professions.  Industry bodies in the payroll profession include Australian Payroll Association (APA) and The Association for Payroll Specialists (TAPS). Course material currently being delivered by these organisations can be accessed from their websites and is a good way to keep abreast of changes occurring in the payroll space. Courses are also important for those of you who are registered with the Tax Practitioners Board or who are members of professional associations that have an ongoing continuing professional education (CPE) obligation.

Books, Newsletters & Publications
Books, newsletters and publications are an excellent way of augmenting your payroll knowledge and keeping up-to-date with changes. There are a number of providers who publish material focussing on the payroll discipline. Again, industry bodies such as the APA and TAPS can assist, as can dedicated providers of educational material such as CCH and Thomson Reuters.

More information on learning for the payroll industry, as well as some special offers and discounts from various suppliers of quality educational and learning materials, can be found within the Member Centre of the ABN website.

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