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Member exclusive offers on quality products and premium suppliers.

ABN is pleased to provide its members with special offers on quality products and services from premium suppliers. These offers are not available to the general public. Detailed information about how to take advantage of these offers is located on the individual web pages which link from the offers below.

Practice Protect are the largest provider of Cyber Security to Bookkeepers in Australia. They provide done-for-you policies, technology and training that help Bookkeepers reduce risk, protect their client data and get on with doing business safely.

ABN Members can receive up to 33% off the first year subscritpion!

Accountests & Australian Bookkeepers Network – Skills Test for Hiring Bookkeepers


ABN Members enjoy a permanent 20% discount on all Accountests products,

meaning you can assess bookkeeper job candidates for just $120.  You will know whether they can

do the job, and where they might need training and support, before they sign the

Employment Contract. 


 Lift Your Game in Recruiting Bookkeepers

Get a reliable assessment of your candidates current bookkeeping skills and knowledge to enable you to make informed selection decisions - by adding an assessment of technical competency to the information gathered through interviews and reference checking.

Australian Bookkeeper Test

This test was developed with the assistance of ABN members, and is a competency based assessment.   The means you’ll be able to see what level of capability a new staff member or contractor has, compared to the job you need them to do.

To look in more detail or to purchase, follow the link to our webpage for the Australian Bookkeeper Test where you can see some example questions and a sample candidate report.

If you just want to consider the ability of a candidate to understand double entry accounting look at our Basic Double Entry Accounting Test which costs only $40 ($32 with ABN member discount).

Why Use Accountests?

The difference between a candidate talking about their technical ability in an interview and proving what they can actually do in an objective, skills based test, improves your ability to make strong recruitment decisions.

All tests are reviewed annually and updated to reflect changes to taxation and financial legislation.

Bookkeeper Test Profile

  • 40 Questions with a time limit of 30 minutes
  • Questions and answer options loaded randomly to manage risks of tests being compromised & cheated
  • Online access enabling candidates to complete tests anywhere
  • Fast report generation of completed tests sent straight to your inbox
  • Phone support
  • NZ and UK Bookkeeper Tests along with tests for accountants also available


Australian Payroll Association

Who is Australian Payroll Association?
The Australian Payroll Association (APA) has recently been listed on the BRW Fast Starters list and is the trusted advisor of many household names in Australian Business. They provide payroll compliance advice for employers and bookkeepers processing payroll.  APA also offers the only nationally accredited payroll qualifications in Australia - a Certificate IV in Payroll Administration and Diploma of Payroll Management.

Payroll non-compliance is a huge issue in Australia - it affects both small and large employers and attracts significant fines from Fair Work and other government bodies. Too often, organisations fail to realise that they are sitting on a mountain of value in their payroll operation. Most have not identified this value and don't leverage it to make informed business decisions and financially de-risk their business.

With payroll non-compliance a major issue for small to medium businesses, obtaining in-depth payroll knowledge will allow you to fill a void for your clients and open up a new and potentially lucrative revenue stream for your business.

ABN Members
APA’s Certificate IV in Payroll Administration and Diploma in Payroll Management are the only nationally accredited payroll qualifications in Australia, and ABN has secured an exclusive 10% discount for members (saving up to $500!). To further reduce the cost, Government subsidies may also be available.

ABN members can find out more about this fantastic APA offer, by logging into their ABN Member Centre and visiting the Member Deals webpage.

ABN Private Cloud

As a Bookkeeper, your time is invaluable; every minute needs to be accounted for in the most efficient manner. The ABN Private Cloud – Powered by Secure-ISS, provides the tools you need to get the job done more efficiently and without the added headaches of keeping your software and IT hardware platform up-to-date and available. 

The ABN Private Cloud is your platform available from anywhere, anytime and any device, with 24/7 support from the team at Secure-ISS. You’ll be able to get more done with a smaller investment in your IT systems and maintenance.

What’s available on the ABN Private Cloud? 
The tools available are selected based upon the chosen plan. There are four plans available to ABN members, which are listed below: 

ABN Cloud – Collaborate
The Collaboration offering includes the Secure-ISS OnEmail product. Australian hosted email solutions (with unlimited storage) along with enterprise collaboration features such as Calendar and contacts sharing. 

ABN Cloud – Basics
The ‘Basics’ offering provides you with access to MYOB Hosting (multiple versions and multiple company files) with 5 GBs of platform storage! Access your MYOB data from anywhere, anytime! 

ABN Cloud – Premium
The ‘Premium’ offering includes all the MYOB Hosting (any version [ex 2011/ 2012 products]), with 15 GBs of storage and access to Microsoft Office Standard. Microsoft Office Standard provides access for users to Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook. This is ideal for those that wish to store both MYOB data and Office documentation on the ABN Private Cloud. 

ABN Cloud – Ultimate
The ‘Ultimate’ offering includes the MYOB Hosting (any version [ex 2011/ 2012 products]), 20 GBs of storage, Microsoft Office Std and our ‘Collaborate’ solution.

ABN Members
ABN Cloud is an offering available exclusively to ABN, with special ABN member pricing. ABN Members can find out how to take advantage of the special ABN Cloud packages by visiting their Member Centre.

"Using the cloud has allowed me to work from anywhere, at any time and on any device. It's just brilliant!" - Denise, ABN Member

Calxa is an easy to use budgeting and cash flow forecasting tool that integrates with MYOB, Xero and QuickBooks Online. Many small and medium sized businesses and not-for-profits use Calxa to run their regular management reports.

Many ABN members use their Calxa licence to provide a reporting service to their clients. It saves time, adding great value and making clients more sustainable.

Calxa has been supporting bookkeepers for more than 10 years. You have access to one-on-one sessions, free webinars, an online help centre, and personal phone support which means you get the most out of the reporting app from day one.

ABN Members

As an ABN member you receive a discount of 20% when purchasing Calxa products. Simply log into the ABN Member Centre and visit the Member Deals webpage.

HR Online

The HR People  look after small to medium size companies with their Human Resources needs.  All business needs HR, but they don’t need full time support.  We offer services like:

  • Contracts of employment – permanent and Independent  
  • Recruitment on an hourly basis, not percentage of salary
  • Payroll Audit and Report
  • Workplace Health & Safety Inspections and Reports
  • Induction Checklists
  • Position Descriptions
  • Performance for those difficult staff and terminations if necessary
  • Fair Work mediation

We work on an hourly basis, not a fee for service, so you only pay for the time you need.  We also have a site hr online it is a Do it Yourself site, with support if you need it.   Your clients are most likely getting themselves into trouble with their staff and don’t know how to handle the situation. We provide simple solutions, so they can focus on their business. 

If you or your clients need to speak to us, our first consultation is complimentary so it will cost you or them nothing to see if we can help.

ABN Members

ABN members can find out more about HR Online and the member only discount, by logging into their ABN Member Centre and visiting the Member Deals webpage. 

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