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Single Touch Payroll - Who can report?

ABA Tech Talk

To report through STP for your clients you must be a registered tax or BAS agent as this activity falls under the provision of a BAS service.

In the provision of payroll services, you as the provider are interpreting and applying a taxation law, which includes a BAS provision and where lodging with the ATO, you are representing the client in their dealings with the Commissioner hence it would be reasonable to expect that your client will rely on those services. This includes events where you reports employee payroll information through the use of STP enabled software.

Many of the services that a payroll service provider may offer clients fall under the definition of a tax agent service (including a BAS service).

Payroll related services include, but are not limited to:

• Processing payroll on behalf of the employer

• Assisting employers with termination and redundancy payments

• Assisting employers to calculate their PAYG withholding liability

• Assisting employers to calculate their super guarantee liability

• Dealing with superannuation payments made through a clearing house

• Determining and reporting the superannuation guarantee shortfall amount and any associated administrative fees

• Performing any payroll related functions that involve interpreting legislation

• A payroll compliance review where the payroll service provider is offering an assessment or judgement as to whether their client is compliant with their taxation obligations under one or more taxation laws

• Preparation and delivery of a payment summary that could also include Reportable Fringe Benefits Amounts (RFBA) and the Reportable Employer Superannuation Contributions

• Sending a TFN declaration to the Commissioner on behalf of a client

• The preparation and/or lodgement of documents with the ATO on behalf of a client

• The reporting of employee payroll information through the use of STP enabled software.

Reminder: Ensure you have the appropriate documentation in place with your clients.

18 Jul 2019
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