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Bookkeeper Radio: The Bookkeepers Role in Changing a Clients Structure

Special Date: Monday 28th March

It is becoming increasingly common for a business to consider a change to its trading structure.

Whilst the strategic advice in relation to a restructure typically falls in the accountant’s realm, once the decision to alter the structure is made, much of the implementation work required will fall to the bookkeeper.

In this Bookkeeper Radio session to be held on Monday 28th March, Kelvin and Peter are joined by ABNs tax expert Darren Hagarty to delve into the bookkeeper’s role when a business is restructured.

This session considers:

  • Transactions that occur between the old and new entity
  • Bookkeeping implications for employees that transfer to the new entity (leave entitlements, superannuation, Single Touch Payroll requirements)
  • The treatment of debtors in the old and new entities
  • Banking and Finance/Loan implications
  • Rolling over fixed assets and the treatment of accumulated depreciation
  • Much more.

So bring a pen and paper, maybe your favorite refreshment and join Kelvin and Peter to discuss all things re-structuring!

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22 Mar 2022
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