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Behind Every Good Business is a Great Bookkeeper

This message clearly resonates with a lot of bookkeepers, but why exactly is that? 'Behind every good business is a great bookkeeper' is a dual-purpose message, as it means something both to the bookkeeper and the bookkeeper's client.

Firstly, it’s a feel-good or aspirational statement for bookkeepers, right? It’s permission to pat yourself on the back and say, ‘I make a difference because I’m great at what I do and my clients are better off’. Our profession is such that we often work alone and we don’t have an employer there to offer us the deserved kudos, so this message makes it OK to acknowledge our own good work and the difference we make.

Secondly, and more tangibly, the message means something to our clients and prospective clients. It’s an overt statement that says to your client, ‘You’ll be better off if you engage me. I will make a difference to your business’. No doubt these are true statements, but sometimes we aren’t confident to push bold messaging like that in front of our clients. Plus sometimes it can appear immodest if we tell our clients that we’re great. But what if there was a way where a third party could tell your clients that you are pretty terrific and that you’ll make a difference to their business—wouldn’t that be better? ABN has set out to be that third party, and to create a message that we could promote to your clients on your behalf.

So we built a video – a light-hearted clip with a strong message that tells the story of a small business owner engaging a bookkeeper for the first time and demonstrates the difference that a properly qualified bookkeeper can make to a business owner. Members have used the video as a conversation starter in their existing marketing by embedding it in their website or by linking to it from their other marketing collateral (email footers, social media & blogs and electronic campaigns etc). “How to” guidance for members can be found under promo materials in the members centre.
Non members interested in accessing a copy of the video can call us on 1300 856 710.

28 Oct 2016
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