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Global Bookkeeping Week

Celebrate Global Bookkeeping Week with ABN & ABA

Events During Global Bookkeeping Week 2020

Australian Bookkeepers Association (ABA) and Australian Bookkeepers Network (ABN) has joined Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) to come together to celebrate our wonderful industry. Global Bookkeeping Week celebrates the critical role bookkeepers play in business and the community. The Australian Bookkeepers Network has been a proud supporter of bookkeepers since our inception back in the early 2000's. As the oldest and first professional bookkeeping association in Australia we encourage all bookkeeper to get out into their community, help eachother, network and celebrate the industry as a whole. 2020 has been a year to remember for all the wrong reasons but it's important to remember that:

"Behind every good business is a GREAT bookkeeper!".

National Networking Opportunities

A community where bookkeepers can connect! That's what the ABN Coffee Clubs provide you with. Meet other like-minded people, share your knowledge, learn from others and keep up to date with local industry developments. The ABN Coffee Clubs are a great way to meet other bookkeepers closer to home. You are only a Coffee Club meeting away from building your own professional network of friends and creating long-lasting relationships with your industry peers. Find your nearest Coffee Club here.

Our FREE Events! 

(all times listed are Queensland time)

Welcome to Global Bookkeeping Week (Webinar)

Join the two leading Australian Bookkeeping Professional Associations in welcoming you to a week supporting, promoting and celebrating Bookkeepers. Join Matthew & Peter for an introduction and commentary about Bookkeeping. See what the Associations are up to this week and let the fun begin.


Guest(s): Join Peter Thorp (ABN/ABA) and Matthew Addison (ICB)

Making the Most out of OSFA (Recording)

Available Now!
In this pre-recorded video, we take a deep dive into the ATO’s Online Services for Agents with the ATO’s David Baker. We find out why OSFA has been developed and its benefits for BAS Agents. We look at the features of OSFA and a sneak peek at what is to come in the future.

Guest(s): Kelvin Deer (ABN/ABA Director) and David Baker (ATO Director of Digital Service Support)

STP Insights & Troubleshooting (Recording)

Available Now!
In this pre-recorded video, we explore STP. We are joined by Angela Lehmann as we discuss the rollout of STP. We look at some of the common STP errors and how you can fix those issues including accidentally submitting an STP report, and what to do if an employee sees two income statements in MyGov.



Guest(s): Kerrie Jarius (ABA Director) and Angela Lehmann (ATO Acting Director STP Policy, Admin and Content)

Bookkeeper Radio: 20 years of Bookkeeping with ABN

ABN is nearly 20; yep its 20th birthday is fast approaching. Time has absolutely flown by for the ABN team. Over 20 years the bookkeeping profession has rapidly evolved and ABN has been part of this fabulous journey. Kelvin, Peter and our longest serving team member Leanne (known to most of you) look at the evolution of the Australian bookkeeping profession from an ABN perspective.

Guest(s): Peter Thorp (ABN/ABA Director) Kelvin Deer (ABN/ABA Director) and Leanne Lewis from ABN

Talking Offshoring with the TPB (Recording)

In this pre-recorded video, we are joined by TPB board member Greg Lewis. Greg shares with us some of the TPB views on the practice of, and issues that you need to be mindful of, in relation to offshoring and outsourcing. 





Guest(s): Join ABN/ABA Director Peter Thorp and Greg Lewis (TPB Board Member)

What is a Professional Bookkeeper in 2020? (Webinar)

Join the two leading Australian Bookkeeping Professional Associations to understand The Professional Bookkeeper of today.  It’s about much more than crunching the data.  A professional bookkeeper is a partner for business owners to design efficient business systems, implement and manage the latest technology, and guide a business through growth, development, compliance and much more.

Our panel of industry leaders as Professional Bookkeepers discuss what it means to be professional in today’s world. This session will be facilitated by MYOB's, Daniel West.


Guest(s): Kerrie Jarius (ABA Director), Kelvin Deer (ABN/ABA Director), Rob Marshall and Amanda Linton (ICB)

Beyond Jobkeeper Supporting The Tax Profession (Recording)

In this pre-recorded video, we explore the relationship that Tax professionals and SME’s have with the ATO, and are joined by Assistant Commissioner Sylvia Gallagher.  We look at how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted business in Australia and the rollout of initiatives such as JobKeeper and Cash Flow Boost, and explore the role of the BAS Agent in working with the ATO for the rollout of such initiatives.


Guest(s): Peter Thorp (ABN/ABA Director) and Sylvia Gallagher (ATO Assistant Commissioner)

COVID Lessons Learned -Opportunity Knocks (Webinar)

Enjoy a casual conversation and Q&A with Amanda, Di and Kerrie about lessons learnt whilst leading members through the pandemic, sharing their experiences from Australia and New Zealand. This session will be facilitated by Head of Industry at Xero, Matt Prouse.



Guest(s): Kerrie Jarius (ABA Director), Amanda Linton (ICB) and Di Crawford-Errington (ICNZB)

ABN Exclusive: Discover MYOB Essentials (Webinar)

Thursday 19 November 12 noon (AEDT) or Thursday 26 12 noon (AEDT)
MYOB and Australian Bookkeepers Network have come together to offer ABN members an exclusive MYOB Discover Essentials Session. Register today to join the MYOB team as they show you around the latest and exciting changes to this product.




Guest(s): Facilitated by Adina Melder and Moderated by Nick Wilson from MYOB

Federal Government Commitment To Technology (Recording)

Available Friday 20th November at 9 am (AEDT)
In this pre-recorded video, we explore the Federal Government's commitment to technology, and are joined by Martin Mane from the ATO and Karen Lay-Brew from ABSIA. We take a look at all the recent technology releases that impact BAS Agents such as STP and MyGovID, in addition to receiving some insight into future projects.


Guest(s): Peter Thorp (ABN/ABA Director), Karen Lay-Brew (ABSIA Head of Government Partnerships) and Martin Main ATO Assistant Commissioner Digital Partnerships and Strategy

Bookkeeper Radio: Raise a Glass (Webinar)

Friday 20 November 5 pm (AEDT)

Here’s your opportunity to grab a glass of your favourite drop and toast Australia’s magnificent bookkeeping profession. Join Kelvin & Peter as they catch up with some iconic bookkeeping profession people who played their role in shaping the bookkeeping profession we have today. 

We have sourced some movers and shakers from government, the software industry, and some wonderful ABN bookkeeper members. Hear how bookkeeping evolved into a well-recognised and respected profession in a relatively short period. Together we look at how our profession has evolved over the last 20 years and maybe even where it is heading.
We look forward to your company in toasting Australia’s bookkeeping profession.


Guest(s): Peter Thorp (ABN/ABA Director), Kelvin Deer (ABN/ABA Director)

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