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Biz Bootcamp

ID: 405

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0434602024

Location: QLD

Date: 14 Apr 2022 (Thu)

Time: 09:00 (AEST)

Cost: Cost $3497

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Biz Bootcamp

The Business Bootcamp is an 8-week workshop series designed to take your business from flop to fabulous, and take browsers to buyers. Businesses will learn about planning for growth, branding, how to make a profit, and marketing plans. Business Bootcamp will take the guesswork out of running a business and give you all the tools to succeed. Participation is EASY. You just need to register with your business email, and you're good to go.

It's SO much more than 8 live workshops. It's a community of business owners and experts ready to elevate your business. It's an accountability partner. It's loaded with strategy AND execution guidance. It's full of ALL the expertise, experience, and knowledge you only wish you'd had sooner. Its business, finally done right. Out of our other multi-million-dollar business ideas, comes this workshop series – loaded with the information that no one gave you when you signed up for a business number or domain name. You were left running in the dark, no manual, no guide. Just you and the digital abyss of so-called customers. Crickets anyone? We're living and breathing proof that business CAN offer you a life of freedom, prosperity, and most of all JOY! We're opening up ALL the secrets – supply chain, cash flow, automated systems, marketing strategies, branding, new markets… you name it – your business needs it. We've created top-shelf businesses time and time again. This is your front-row seat to see EXACTLY how it's done. Outcomes A strong grasp of the important numbers in your business The ability to close a deal A full understanding of where your business is headed and how to reshape its direction A growth trajectory and the ability to scale Essential accounting knowledge for a smooth-running business A future-proofed business A prototype that's ready to take to market A full marketing and social media strategy A community for support and guidance The Accountability Journal and full Gift Pack sent to your door A practical, actionable, feasible business plan Take a holiday from your business without the stress. Less pain, more gain!

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