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Perfect Payroll Business

ABN Payroll has packaged all the essential payroll elements and created a turnkey payroll business—we call it the Perfect Payroll Business. The business is perfect for just about any BAS agent, whether you currently process payroll or not.
With the Perfect Payroll Business, there's no need to worry about:

  • the business model
  • software legalities and compliance
  • how and what to charge
  • marketing 
  • ROI.

It's all been done for you!

The Perfect Payroll Business has a nil entry cost. You only pay for what you use, and you enjoy unlimited access to software and payroll support.

The program incorporates a comprehensive plan, including:

  • payroll bureau softwareinstallation, training and support
  • technical backup and learning materials from Australian Payroll Association
  • access to employment law specialists EI Legal (limited)
  • all elements of the business model.

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What's Included in the PPB
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